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by JC, Personal Advisor
in Homelessness in London
30 March 2017

My name is JC and I have been working in the homeless sector for 15 years. 

I started as a receptionist with ThamesReach back in 2000. Part of my induction was to shadow outreach service shifts and spend a day at their older person hostel. I was surprised as to how much I enjoyed it and I told this to my then CEO Jeremy Swain. He encouraged me to volunteer, telling me that once I had gained enough experience I would be able to apply for full-time paid position. I took Jeremy’s advice and signed up to volunteer with London Street Rescue and Robertson Street Older Person Hostel.

by Sarah, Learning Programme Coordinator
in Homelessness in London
7 March 2017

Today we celebrate International Women's Day at Providence Row. The banner that women in our ‘Women's only art, craft and photography group’ have been working on for the last month (see left) hangs in our Welcome Area, greeting clients as they walk through the door with a riot of colour and creativity. We are inviting all those using or visiting our centre to add their own contribution to our banner, telling us what friendship means to them.

by Nicola Robson
in Learning and training
16 February 2017

Here at Providence we count ourselves very lucky to have such fantastic company partners who support us not only through donations and fundraising, but also by sharing their expertise. This week we went to visit Dee from RedLaw Recruitment, a Rise Bakery regular customer and partner company, to find out more about why they choose to support Providence Row...

by Alana
in Mental health
16 January 2017
Alana Taverner is an Occupational Therapist at Chase Farm Hospital and regularly refers patients staying at the hospital to Providence Row to take part in their trainee schemes and learning activities on a day-release basis. There they train in our professional kitchen with trained chefs, gain qualifications and can get involved with a range of learning and wellbeing activities.
When we caught up with Alana recently, she told us a bit more about why Providence Row is a great place for her patients…
by Frances
in Volunteering
10 January 2017

Few things press my anger buttons more than homelessness. In a wealthy society like ours, no one should be forced into sleeping on the street, in hostels or on a succession of sofas. Yet, it is hardly difficult to end up in such situations. Most of us have faced the loss of job or partner, poor health, addiction, financial or family difficulties in our lives – these are all factors that can contribute to losing a home either for ourselves or someone close to us. 

by Nicola Robson
in Drugs and alcohol
21 December 2016
New Year is upon us. For most it’s a time of celebration, as well as an opportunity to think about the previous year and what might be ahead in 2017. It’s also symbolically a time we are encouraged to make a change for the better in our lives, to make a fresh start or even to leave bad habits behind.