Men's Health Week at Providence Row

It's Men's Health Week this week, so we spoke to Raph our wellbeing coordinator, about why we run a Men's Group and how it helps men affected by homelessness.

What are the health and wellbeing issues faced by the people we're working with?

The physical and mental health needs of people affected by homelessness are higher than that of the general population. With increased stress, isolation, substance misuse and reduced access to health services, comes a need for greater social contact and support.

What is Men's Group?

Men’s group provides a supportive and confidential space to discuss issues important to men.  The men are encouraged to take ownership of the group and to bring their own ideas for discussion. On a given day the facilitator may also propose a subject and prepare questions designed to prompt the conversation.  Themes include ‘Relationships’, ‘Politics’, ‘Freedom of the press’, ‘Society and culture’, ‘Human rights’, ‘Personal qualities and strengths’, ‘Returning to work’, ‘Music’, ‘Managing stress’ and ‘The pressure of being a man in a modern society’.  

How does having a dedicated space and time for men helpful to them?

The group provides an invaluable form of social support to those so often isolated in their own experience.  It is an opportunity to develop social skills, new friendships and a different perspective on life.  It also provides a forum to be heard, voice opinions and ultimately feel valued. The weekly Monday morning slot gives the men something they can rely on and meaningful start to their week while information about wider support and activities within the local community is provided to support their social engagement outside of the group. 

We run men only and women-only groups for people affected by homelessness every week here at Providence Row. Find out more about them, as well as our other learning and wellbeing activities.