From Wisconsin to Whitechapel...

My name is Danny and I interned with Providence Row’s Enterprise and Training team for 7 weeks this past spring. I come from a small city in the States called Waukesha, which is located about two hours north of Chicago in the state of Wisconsin. 
Working at Providence Row was a new experience for me in many regards. I had never worked for a charity or in a big city before and on top of that, I was working in a different country with a different culture. As you might imagine I went into this internship with a mix of nervousness and excitement. My nerves were quickly put to rest by the welcoming environment the team created for me. Asia, Andrea, Simon, and Dom all worked hard to make sure I felt comfortable and welcomed in my new role. They made an effort to get to know me as well as educate me about how the charity works. 
One of the most important things to know about volunteering in a charity is understanding the causes of the challenge you are tackling. It allows you to more effectively work towards solutions and make people’s lives better. Asia, my advisor, made a great effort to teach me about homelessness and its causes. She always created teaching moments out of events that would happen during the day. I appreciated her interest in helping me better understand homelessness. 
Working with people in the various workshops and trainee schemes was incredibly rewarding as they were always eager to learn and improve their skills. Their enthusiasm and willingness to get involved made me excited to do what I could to help support them. The workshops and schemes provided a real path to personal growth and it was a pleasure to see people progress over my 7 weeks at the charity. 
This experience has provided me with many fond memories I will take with me back to the US. The difference I was able to make and the people I met made my experience at Providence Row impactful and memorable. I’m delighted I get to leave London with a part of Providence Row with me – two boxes of the incredibly delicious brownies made by the social enterprise Rise Bakery! 
Asia, our employability coordinator said: "Danny was a great asset to the E&T team. He worked really hard in supporting people to access our employment and training activities. Danny gained a wealth of knowledge on homelessness over the course of his two month internship at Providence Row and he will be missed by both staff and the people whom he supported. We wish him well in the future and know he will make a difference to others in the States."