#WorldPoetryDay with our English group

To celebrate World Poetry Day 2015 our fantastic English group got together to write poems about things they could see in our beautiful garden. Here are some of them, along with pictures of the objects they have written about.


by Spider 
Colours drawing to grow life heavenly mood 
Lover of nature, my God, warmness and kindness. 
Who feels power of life, goodness and softness. 

Shark It’s Great 

by Mohamed 
Very big mouth, giant teeth 
Lover of chew meat
Who feels any time swimming meat 
Who needs to like freedom 
Who fears people fears when see 
Who gives its give fright 
Who would like to see film Big Shark 
Resident of underwater 
I like to see animal. 


by Shahanoor
Long, brown, rough, food 
Lover of see people, smell of flowers, sunshine , 
Who feels wind, sun, wet, 
Who needs water, ground, soil, 
Who fears snow, heavy wind, Bulldozer, 
Who gives fruits, flowers, wood, 
Who would like to shine butterflies, birds, 
Resident of soil, ground, safe places, 
A tree give us fresh airs. 


by Polifron and Jamal
Lover of sun water earth 
Who feels soft 
Who needs plant food 
Who fears frost 
Who gives smell happiness 
Who would like to grow 
Resident of garden 
Violet, next to old tree. 

The plant 

by Romualdas
Nice and beautiful.
Lover of nothing,
Who feels bad because winter,
Who needs sunshine on the rain,
Who fears all people around,
Who gives good mood of the people,
Who would like to nice beautiful, 
Resident of garden.
To me everything nonsense.