Meet the new Reset team at Providence Row

Although drug and alcohol use has become a large part of our modern culture, they can have a significant negative and even devastating effect on the people we care about, our local community and our own personal mental and physical health. From my own personal and professional experience of seeing how substance misuse can dismantle people’s lives, but also the life changing impact effective treatment and recovery services can have on bringing these pieces back together, I feel very lucky and excited to be part of a new team here at Providence Row focussing on supporting individuals to access these services. 
All communities are affected by substances misuse but it is a particular significant issue for the borough of Tower Hamlets. One of the most recent estimates suggests around 3,561 people are affected by problematic drug use in the borough, and 1,674 (47%) of that group are believed to have not yet engaged with treatment*. The commissioners in Tower Hamlets have listened to its resident’s needs and concerns, and have come up with a new service-user friendly substance misuse referral, treatment and recovery model called ‘Reset’. 
This is where our team comes in as Providence Row has been tasked to deliver the referral and outreach element of the new service. Our new Reset team (pictured left) is made up of Jordan our Street Outreach Referral Adviser (middle of picture), Helal our Community Referral Adviser (furthest right of picture), Raphael our Development Coordinator (second right), Pooja our Needle Exchange Coordinator (second from right), Kirsty our Manager (second from left) and myself the Senior Referral Adviser (far left). We are now working together to support the residents of Tower Hamlets to gain advice, support and trust around the substance misuse treatment options available to them in the borough, access referrals to treatment and minimise the level of harm produced by substance misuse in the community.
To reach all corners of the borough will be walking the streets, creating drop-ins and groups at various community centres, giving talks at a range of events, as well as inviting individuals to come along to the Providence Row day centre to access our services, needle exchange and gain one-to-one support. 
As we are only a team of six we will be working as collaboratively as possible with the rest of the Providence Row team, other services, volunteers and peer mentors, as well as the general public to make this service as effective as possible for the people most at need. 
If you would like to hear more about the service or would like to be supported into drug and alcohol treatment please contact us on our free phone number 0800 8021860 or email 
*2016-2019  ‘Tower Hamlets substance misuse strategy’