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Our kitchen is a busy, friendly place where a team of volunteers, trainees and staff work together to produce delicious breakfasts and lunches for people using our centre. 

Why is there a charge? 

We are a busy day centre, working with a wide range of people. Our volunteering activities are directly linked to our service delivery and so it is vital that we are able to ensure that activities run smoothly and people are safe. 

We are searching for volunteers with past lived experience of substance use, addiction and recovery, who are passionate about helping others to join us as Peer Mentors in our Reset Service.

Donations of items to us mean we are able to save money and improve our services for those who use them. 

The items below are the only things that we are currently able to accept, please note that we are in most cases unable to collect items.

Are you looking for an opportunity to get experience in supporting and delivering an adult learning programme for people affected by homelessness? Do you want to find out more about charities and what goes on behind the scenes?

For homeless people, or those at risk of homelessness, finding employment and housing opportunities can feel like an uphill battle, even more so if they’re affected by physical, mental health or substance misuse issues. 

Amanda, one of our amazing triage volunteers talks about her experiences during her first few months of volunteering with us…


Are you looking for an opportunity to get experience in office administration and customer care or the homelessness sector? Do you want to find out more about charities and what goes on behind the scenes?

Here at Providence Row we are very lucky to have the support of dedicated volunteer Peers, who help support our services and the people we work with in a number of ways.

Are you looking for an opportunity to gain experience in Fundraising? Do you want to find out more about the charity sector and what goes on behind the scenes? This role will give you the opportunity to work in a busy but friendly Fundraising and Marketing team.

We are a homeless charity tackling the root causes of homelessness to help people get off, and stay off, the streets.

Based at our Resource Centre in Whitechapel, you would be part of a large team of volunteers that meet with and assess the needs of people who are struggling with homelessness, are vulnerably housed or require support in addressing their substance misuse issues.

Blog Posts

I’m Holly and I recently joined Providence Row as Peer Mentor Coordinator.

Few things press my anger buttons more than homelessness. In a wealthy society like ours, no one should be forced into sleeping on the street, in hostels or on a succession of sofas. Yet, it is hardly difficult to end up in such situations.

My name is Nicole and two months ago I was placed at Providence Row for part of my study abroad program at a school called ‘Foundations for International Education’ located in South Kensington.

Providence Row now has more than 30 regular volunteers who help with all areas of the organisation from service delivery to marketing.


A group of London-based employees from Informa, recently volunteered with us on an urban regeneration scheme.

My time volunteering with Providence Row was some of the most rewarding work I've done to date. In the beginning I had some concerns about working closely with vulnerable people as I had never done anything like it before and wasn't sure what to expect or whether I'd have the right skills.

Every year Providence Row welcomes interns from the United States via the Foundation for International Learning (FIE). This year the Fundraising and Marketing team were very pleased to welcome Julia from Florida who has kindly written this blog for us about her experience.

Anna joined us as a speed volunteer through Team London to help our English Class. Here's what she thought about the experience.

Volunteering at Providence Row has truly been an enlightening experience on multiple levels! As a study abroad student, from the United States, I came here not really sure what to expect.

‘All existence is contribution’ wrote Charles Leadbeater, author WE-THINK.

I have been volunteering in the fundraising team at Providence Row for a little over a month now, and it has helped me make some decisions about an upcoming change. I have been working in recruitment for the past year and a half, helping our clients find Personal Assistants and Nannies.